Electrolytic Technologies Systems LLC

On-site chlorine and sodium hypochlorite generation systems for Metallurgical and chemical engineering - Metal

Many metallurgical processes require chlorine gas for refining or purification. Klorigen™ chlorine generation systems alleviate the risk inherent with the usage of large quantities of pressurized chlorine gas in these facilities. Klorigen™ systems produce chlorine gas on-demand and under vacuum, eliminating the storage and use of pressurized chlorine gas and the risks associated with chlorine gas currently facing many metallurgical applications. In addition, Klorigen™ systems produce a 15% sodium hydroxide (“caustic”) co-product that is commonly used elsewhere in these facilities. With Klorigen™ on-site generation technology, chlorine and sodium hydroxide may be safely and effectively delivered on-demand, eliminating the threat of a hazardous chlorine release commonly present in the metallurgical industry.