Hitema International

Process cooling and industrial comfort applications solutions for automotive industry - Automobile & Ground Transport

The production of a vehicle is complicated and includes lots of processes (cooling of machine tools, painting baths, cooling of mechanical and hydraulic components, molding machines etc..) with different kind of heat transfer, each with different range of temperatures involved.

Precision is the key in almost every application, so our chillers are designed to meet the customer needs with precise temperature control (achieved both with custom made control software and with an ample range of options). In particular hot gas bypass (PMC) system allows a precise control of the leaving water temperature (+/-1 °C) and all our Chillers can be equipped with water storage tanks to offer the best continuity of the process.

In addition HITEMA can offer a large assortment of chillers with integrated free-cooling, which are well suited for hot water application and/or installation with a low ambient temperature.

The free-cooling allows to increase the lifetime of the chiller (by decreasing the annual work of compressors) and offers energy savings up to 30÷45% of standard chillers (payback time of freecooling chillers is typically inferior to 1 year).