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Process cooling and industrial comfort applications solutions for plastic and rubber industry - Plastics & Resins

The kind of processes required in the plastic industries is very diverse (injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, vacuforming etc..) and HITEMA can offer a great range of products to satisfy all customer needs.

When speaking about application of plastic & rubber industries the key to look for is an accurate control of the temperatures involved into the process to avoid the alteration of the material properties or the deformation of the parts, while at the same time, maintain the best quality of the final products.

HITEMA chillers perfectly respond to the requirements of the plastic applications, in particular our chillers can achieve great temperature regulation of the leaving process water with the hot gas bypass option (+/-1 °C) and mitigate peak of cooling load with properly sized storage water tanks.

For applications where high pressure of the fluid is required we can offer the high pressure version (around 5 bar available) as ready from stock and on request we can study a solution also where 8 or more bar is required.

We also strongly believe in the application of integrated freecooling in our solutions, as it is a great technology that can increase the lifetime of the chiller (by decreasing the annual work of compressors) and offers energy savings up to 30÷45% of standard chillers.