Product stewardship

The WERCS software suite provides more than just SDS authoring software. We provide tools, technology and services to improve your business processes and advance product stewardship. Through our regulatory compliance software, organizations gain efficiencies at multiple levels. Our SARA and VOC/HAPs reporting modules help to streamline environmental monitoring requirements. Raw material and new product introductions are streamlined through our chemical approval process module. We execute all facets of SDS management and distribution, including SDS services for suppliers. Our relationship with regulatory content providers ensures you are compliant to global regulations.

Our supply-chain portal capabilities not only ensure efficient gathering of critical data, but also ensure proper two-way communication in the entire supply chain.

Our sustainability tools provide greater transparency and ability to quickly and conscientiously identify how product formulations impact human health and the environment.

The portability of our software enables integration with your ERP platform for an end-to-end solution for SDS authoring, managing and distributing.