Pulsair Systems, Inc

Pulsair`s industrial drilling mud agitators for oil & gas industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Industrial drilling mud agitators and mixing equipment for oil & gas exploration. Pulsair Systems supplies oil & gas operators with industrial drilling mud mixer agitators for mud tank mixing. The Pulsair mixing process quickly allows drillers and operators to ensure homogenous mud consistency for their drilling mud needs.

The Pulsair mud mixer agitator produces powerful, sequentially timed pulsed of compressed air to generate large bubbles at the bottom of the mud holding tank. The rising air bubbles create immediate vertical circulation of the drilling mud and stirs the entire mud tank from the bottom up. Accumulator plates are attached to the mud tank bottom and introduce the compress air bubble. The burst of compressed air from underneath the plate scours the drilling mud tank bottom and efficiently lifts solids and heavier liquids up into the tank. This “bottom-up” vertical mixing process keeps solids is suspension, ensures uniform mud consistency and level in the tank.

This type of drilling mud mixing process is faster and more energy efficient than top entry mixers or jet mixers. Regardless of the holding tank geometry or hull design, the Pulsair drilling mud mixer can be custom designed to fit any size drilling mud mixer to help improve the overall efficiency of the drilling site.

  • Ensure uniform density and reduces sag
  • Increase Rate of Penetration (ROP)
  • Minimize formation damage
  • Keeps solid materials in suspension
  • Uses less energy than mechanical mixers
  • Reduce solids in drilling mud
  • Helps scour the tank bottom during cleaning
  • Helps maintain wellbore stability
  • Uses less energy than mechanical mixers and agitators
  • Explosion proof safe
  • Extra internal motor supports are unnecessary
  • Mixes liquids with high % of solids & high viscosities
  • Operates at any liquid level in the tank
  • Achieve desired mixing target faster

  • Freshwater mud with low pH mud – bentonite, spud etc.
  • Water based drilling mud – high pH lime slurries, low pH gypsum slurries etc.
  • Low solid muds with 3-6% solids using bentonite clay and a polymer
  • Water-based mud Oil emulsion mud
  • Synthetic emulsion based fluids