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Pure drinking water solutions for high-security facilities - Government

In June 2002 an Al-Qaeda cell was captured in Rome just before they poisoned the water supply of the US Embassy. This event demonstrates the added risk that government buildings, military contractors, royal palaces and other high-security facilities can encounter. These facilities should not trust an outside company to deliver bottled water, but instead must stay in full control of their own water supply at all times. Our secure drinking water systems are in over 100 US Embassies around the world because they provide a consistent supply of fresh, distilled water, which is the highest level of protection against the full range of possible contaminants. We provide premium water distillers for these high-security facilities as well as small systems to protect the staff at home. We also provide risk assessment and water education services.

Pure and secure drinking water is essential for life. It’s just human nature to take our supply of safe drinking water for granted, until something happens to our water supply. Then we wonder how we could have possibly ignored this vital resource.

Water is a primary point of vulnerability for high-security facilities.

While there are multiple threat scenarios, high-securities facilities should consider a bio-terrorism or chemical attack on the water supplies as one possible approach open to terrorists. Drinking water, water used for food preparation and water used in coffee, beverages, and ice-cubes needs to be protected and monitored.

Many US Embassies and military contractors have made the wise choice to install Pure Water Distillers to ensure pure and secure drinking water for staff, military attaches, and visitors. Some US Embassies wisely have provided small household water distillers for Embassy personnel to use in their homes. Such systems utilize the only “fail-safe” water treatment technology – steam distillation.

Poisoning the Incoming Water Supply: Terrorists do not have to poison the whole water supply. All they have to do is tap into a water line upstream from their intended target, inject their poison or biological weapon of choice and let it flow downstream into the targeted building. This method has already been attempted (but failed) by Al-Qaeda to target the US Embassy in Rome.

Poisoning Delivered Bottled Water: Facilities that purchase bottled water from an outside vendor are potentially opening themselves up to a chemical or biological attack. Bottled water has so many steps in production, inventory and delivery process that companies simply cannot ensure it’s safety.

Other Forms of Attack Facilitated by Bottled Water Delivery Access: By giving delivery drivers (and their trucks) access to your facility, you are increasing the risk of intrusion and car bombs.

These high-security facilities should ask us for more information on our secure drinking water solutions…

  • US Embassies & other State Department Buildings.
  • FBI, CIA, NSA and other Intelligence Facilities.
  • Congressional and Senate Offices.
  • Homes of political leaders.
  • Foreign Embassies.
  • Royal Palaces
  • Military facilities.
  • Military contractors.
  • Nuclear facilities.

A waterborne chemical or biological attack is dangerous for seven reasons…

  • The need for water is universal.
  • Most facilities are vulnerable to an attack.
  • You don’t know where an attack would come from,
  • You don’t know what contaminant would be used,
  • You won’t know that you’ve been attacked until symptoms show up!
  • It could affect a wide target area,
  • Your existing water treatment system may provide a false feeling of security.

For over 40 years, the Pure Water Brand has been recognized as the premier water treatment choice for protecting high-security facilities. We provide premium water distillers for these high-security facilities as well as small systems to protect the staff at home. We also provide risk assessment and water education services.