Recycling equipment for shredding electronic scrap (E-scrap)

Processing electronic scrap (E-Scrap or WEEE) presents special challenges. Computers, consumer electronics, and IT equipment need to be destroyed to extract recyclables or ensure the security and complete destruction of the product. Hard drives, tapes and data storage devices must be completely destroyed to provide data security. And, while many electronic scrap items do not require the specific size reduction that hard drives or other data storage devices require, all electronic scrap includes recoverable materials that can be recycled for future use. As a result, separation and recovery are critical elements of the shredding process for electronic materials.

Examples of E-scrap Materials and Applications:

  • Commercial E-Scrap (servers & mainframes, printers & peripherals, digital copy machines, etc.)
  • Consumer E-Scrap (PCs, home audio equipment, desktop printers, televisions, cellphones, etc.)
  • Hard-drives, data storage devices and mediums
  • Product and Security Destruction
  • Size Reduction, Material Liberation and Separation

Granutech’s Saturn Shredders provide the precise size reduction required for the destruction of prototypes and data storage devices. Fully integrated separators allow for efficient sorting and reclamation of marketable materials. Whether you are processing consumer electronics, commercial e-scrap or prototypes, our shredders are designed to produce the size reduction you require while seamlessly integrating material separation and recovery for marketable materials.

Saturn’s e-scrap shredders are low to mid range speed, high torque shredders designed for high volume processing. Integrated separation systems can provide primary and secondary separation and size reduction to prepare materials for sale or disposal.

  • Cutter options include size, shape, quantity and material, providing custom shredding for high-security applications
  • Custom Blades
  • Drives from 50HP to 1,250HP
  • Screens or magnets can be used to separate materials after shredding
  • Grinder and granulators can be integrated if further sizing is needed
  • Ancillary equipment, such as infeed and discharge conveyors, vibration, or rotary screen classifiers and other separation equipment, can be integrated into your system design

Our electronic scrap shredding/E-scrap shredders can process up to 100 tons/hr and provide a wide array of volume reduction requirements. Additionally, hammermills and grinders are available to handle variable requirements and multi-stage systems.