Recycling equipments for shredding scrap metals - Metal

Scrap metal includes metals that can be reclaimed for use in manufacturing, processed for re-melting or prepared for disposal in landfills. These metals include industrial scrap metal and remainders, electronic scrap, aluminum and precious metals. Shredders prepare the metals for bailing and bundling, saving storage space, transportation and disposal costs. Quad shaft shredders reduce and separate electronic scrap and prototypes in one process, allowing for the recovery of precious metals. Dual or quad shaft shredders break bales or briquettes of pre-processed metal scrap for final size reduction and separation for reclamation or re-melting, allowing for recovery and reuse of the metals. Integrated systems include grinders and hammer mills for producing small size or powdered materials for reuse.

Granutech Saturn Systems designs and manufactures custom dual shaft shredders and quad shaft shredders for effective, reliable shredding of metals. Our slow speed, high torque shredders are manufactured with powerful blades with custom configurations and sizes to provide the size reductions your application requires. The blades and rotors are constructed of the strongest materials to shred the toughest metals without breakdowns or production slowdowns. Integrated screens, filters and magnets separate the metals for further processing. Grinders and hammer mills can be incorporated into the shredding system to provide final processing of reclaimed materials. Whether you are processing industrial aluminum remainders or recovering precious metals from electronic scrap, Saturn Shredders are designed and manufactured to provide reliable, efficient performance.

Our scrap metal shredders are designed to provide the specific size reduction and material separation required for your application.

  • Dual or quad shaft models are available to meet your application requirements. Dual shaft shredders are used for shredding drums, baled materials and non-ferrous metals. Quad shaft shredders produce smaller, uniform materials and are used for electronic scrap, prototypes and secondary processing for metal recovery and reclamation, or anytime a consistent product size is required.
  • Drives from 50HP to 1,200HP
  • Screens or magnets can be used to separate materials after shredding
  • Grinder and granulators can be integrated if further sizing is needed
  • Ancillary equipment, including feeders and discharge conveyors, vibration and screen classifiers and separation equipment, is available and can be integrated into your system design

Granutech’s staff has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing shredding systems for all types of metal scrap. We will work with you to design an integrated shredding solution for your application. In order to verify that our solution will perform to your expectations, we encourage our customers to test-shred their materials at our test facility.

Our manufacturing standards are the highest in the industry and everyone at Granutech Saturn Systems is committed to manufacturing the highest performing shredders in the industry. As a testament to that, nearly every Saturn shredder sold since 1984 is still in operation today.