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Recycling equipments for shredding solid waste & municipal solid waste - Waste and Recycling - Municipal Waste

Solid waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) size reduction requires processing of many different materials, from filled drums to household waste. And, as the amount of solid waste increases and the cost of landfill management increases, it is becoming more critical that waste management become more effective, economic and efficient. Shredded and compacted waste is easier and cheaper to transport and extends the life of the landfill. In addition, separating out materials that can be reclaimed and recycled or that need to be incinerated or composted increases the landfill productivity while providing revenue to offset the costs of processing the solid waste.

Granutech’s Saturn Shredders use powerful blades to process the many materials that comprise solid waste. Constructed of the strongest materials, our blades and rotors are designed to shred the toughest of materials without breakdowns or production slowdowns. Our systems can integrate screens, filters and magnets to separate materials pre or post-processing, providing capture of materials for reclamation or incineration.  If additional reductions are required, our Saturn Grizzly grinders can be integrated into the system. Our shredders are manufactured to shred your toughest materials and keep working at peak performance. Filled drums, bales, metals and plastics are no match for our shredders.

Shredder features include:

  • Single, dual-shaft, or quad-shaft models are available to meet your application requirements
  • Drives from 50HP to 1,250HP (including hybrid-drive option)
  • Screens or magnets can be used to separate materials after shredding
  • Additionally, Saturn grinder and granulators can be integrated if further sizing is needed

Granutech’s staff is experienced in developing size reduction solutions for solid waste, whether you need a small unit for your processing plant or a large municipal incinerator. We will work with you to design a shredder system that meets your exact requirements.