Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions

Recycling solution for plastic waste sector - Plastics & Resins

A plastic waste installation separates, sorts and processes valuable packaging materials, such as PET, PE, PP and Tetra Pak, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which are then baled and shipped for reuse. Bollegraaf’s effective and innovative solutions remove plastics from waste, minimising the amount going to landfill. Our equipment can work with existing combined waste streams and in specialist plastic only sorting installations. Optimising economic value with  the lowest possible costs per tonne is the short-term goal for every Bollegraaf installation. The long-term goal is to ensure permanently low operating costs for a fast return on investment.

The worldwide demand for recycling of used plastics is growing rapidly as more and more applications are being introduced for the increasing demands and encouragements to use recycled plastics. Recycling companies who are contemplating in investing in plastics sorting equipment will expect to find their return in investments to be of a profitable venture. Bollegraaf’s effective and innovative solutions in design engineering, have mastered the manufacture and supply of equipment to effectively remove the plastics from waste; preventing it to become landfill. Our equipment is currently introduced into existing combined waste streams and complete dedicated (plastic)sorting installations.

Advantages of working with Bollegraaf
With more than 50 years of experience worldwide, Bollegraaf is one of the most knowledgeable suppliers in the industry for recycling machinery. We are aware there is no single specification for the composition of waste; it can vary per country, per region, or per city. The requirements for the output of the separation system will also vary; depending on the available markets for recycled products, is why we believe that versatility is essential. It inspires us to engineer, build and deliver bespoke solutions that are easy to use, to have a low cost of ownership and above all, to perform to your specifications whilst offering an excellent return on the investment.

  • Versatility: our installations are easily adjusted to fluctuations in input streams and/or output requirements. Even daily variations in waste streams can be handled by the adjustability and fine-tuning possibilities featured in most of our machines. This ensures that a Bollegraaf installation will last for many years and remain up-to-date, even when markets change, our installations have the ability to change with it.
  • Quality: we believe quality is indispensable. That’s why we only use name brand components from qualified suppliers. This ensures all our installations will provide the durability you require in getting efficient performance every day with as little downtime as possible. Your installation will be trouble-free for many years to come.
  • Customization: by always put our customers first. Our worldwide delivery program consists of complete sorting systems for the waste paper industry and plastics recycling, collectors of industrial waste and household waste, municipalities, and companies that produce voluminous waste. We also feature R&D backup for bespoke products hence enabling us to offer our customers their challenging requirements; whatever they may be.
  • Eco-friendly: we are not only active in an industry that’s rapidly going green. At Bollegraaf we are very aware of our own corporate responsibilities towards the environment. From our preferences in using water-based paints, investments into the latest advances towards reducing energy and oil consumption; to the use of recycled materials for all our communication and promotional activities, we are making a conscious effort to help protect our planet.
  • Experience: with over 50 years of worldwide experience in all areas of recycling. We know the local market characteristics and requirements as well as local laws and regulations, and we anticipate market changes in collaboration with our clients. We know recycling!