Remedial Construction for Rail Systems - Automobile & Ground Transport - Trains and Railways

ENTACT has successfully completed projects at a wide variety of transportation facilities including ports, rail systems, terminals, and airports. These projects typically require elaborate traffic control precautions as well as sophisticated shoring systems for protection of critical infrastructure. Our safety culture and in-house geotechnical expertise put us in a position to add significant value to complicated transportation related projects.

Former Rail Yard Remediation

  • 250,000 tons of F-listed acetylene, asbestos, lead, and petroleum impacted soils
  • Managed free product recovery in the petroleum source area
  • Demolished waste water treatment building and subsurface concrete structures
  • Completed site restoration activities
  • Site is now currently the home of Arena and Convention Center

Vertical Barrier Wall Installation

  • Installation of a HDPE Vertical Barrier Wall at this Former bulk storage and trans-loading facility 
  • Performed pre-trenching and demolition of subsurface obstructions, decommissioning of the existing free product (LNAPL) recovery trench; dewatering and solidification/removal of sediment
  • Installation of HDPE barrier wall 17 feet bgs using GSE's GundWall interlocking panel system