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Smoke generator device for wind tunnel studies - Air and Climate - Air Science and Research

For producing a point source of smoke in a wind tunnel environment, Concept have the Aerotech smoke system, with a heated tip on the end of a thin wand. For seeding a wind tunnel for LDA/PVA type work the ViCount 1300 system is normally supplied. This can produce either water or oil based smoke with minor re-programming, so it is a very adaptable solution. The ViCount is such a versatile machine, that its capable of everything from seeding the world’s largest wind tunnel (NASA AMES) through to producing fine smoke rakes in educational wind tunnels.

  • Small to large scale wind tunnels
  • Air Flow Visualisation
  • Precise point source
  • Specialized systems
  • Smoke Rakes
  • Almost 50 years experience