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It is the job of Stormwater and Floodplain Manager to plan, develop and manage our resources that provide a response to the hydrologic cycle and our part in it. Water evaporates, falls from the skies onto urban, rural and forested lands, and runs off into streams, rivers and lakes, as well as onto roofs, roads and urban landscapes and is utilised by those who live there. You design the physical infrastructure necessary to meet the needs of society and to preserve the natural environment, and model its ability to withstand the extremes of the hydrologic cycle.

Stormwater Management

When dealing with everything from site runoff reduction to water quality concerns to master plans, Stormwater Managers face face many challenges:

  • What impact will sustainable drainage stormwater controls have on the water quantity and quality in my system?
  • How will I meet regulatory requirements for stormwater?
  • How to deliver quality work that can be easily quantified to clients and reviewing agencies?
  • Should we build more infrastructure to handle increased flows or require stormwater controls on-site?
  • How will we approach stormwater treatment?

Floodplain Management.

With extreme weather conditions being an ever-present possibility, Floodplain Managers must constantly evaluate the resilience of their flood management systems.

  • Will dams and levys withstand heavy floods?
  • What happens if they don't?
  • During massive storms, which homes and businesses will be in the most danger?
  • How can people evacuate and which route is the safest for emergency teams?

  • Deliver accurate, realistic, complete system analysis, from runoff to pipes and open channels and flooding to water quality
  • Yield robust, integrated, fully-dynamic 1D and 2D hydrologic and hydraulic simulations that use the latest analysis methods and provide a realistic view of storm and flood waters
  • Meet municipal and federal requirements and benchmark tests, including the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Association and the U.K.’s Environment Agency
  • Assist in Emergency Action Planning by providing evacuation route planning and time to inundation information