Bentley Systems Incorporated

Solutions for rail and transit sector

As a rail owner-operator or as an authority for a light-rail or metro system, you can increase productivity, reduce cost, and mitigate risk with Bentley’s solutions for rail and transit. With solutions that span the entire rail asset lifecycle, Bentley is a proven and trusted partner to the world’s railway community. Our solutions support BIM processes that streamline design and collaboration, ensure effective project delivery, and enable informed decision making during operation.

You can equip multi-discipline teams for segment-specific design and analysis of networks, bridges, tunnels, stations, and platforms. Your work, and the deliverables from your supply chain, can be managed in a collaborative project environment. To maintain an accurate as-built record of your network, our reality modeling solution allows you to leverage LiDAR surveys or to rapidly create detailed and precise geometry from digital photos.

For operations, our solution for asset lifecycle information management allows you to maintain the full history and provenance of all design, engineering, operational, and asset performance data and activities. Our solutions for inspection and predictive maintenance allow you to keep bridges, structures, track, and overhead line in top condition.

Trusted by the world’s railway community, Bentley supports the full lifecycle of your infrastructure. You will benefit from software that supports:

  • Multi-discipline engineering teams
  • Integrated project delivery
  • Management of all engineering content
  • Inspection and predictive maintenance
  • Lifecycle management of your infrastructure