Thermocouple Technology, LLC (TTEC)

Temperature measurement and control devices for aircraft & aerospace industry - Aerospace & Air Transport

TTEC manufactures T/C`s & RTD`s for a variety of Aircraft & Aerospace Applications, including Test Stands, Environmental Chambers and Heat Treating Furnaces for Aircraft Components. NIST Traceable calibration tests and material tests reports are available as required. TTEC Style 8012 RTD`s with DIN Class A special accuracy are use to precisely measure Environmental Chamber Temperatures. These Chambers re-produce in-flight conditions that aircraft parts will be exposed to. Accurate & Stable readings from the TTEC 8012 RTD`s allow these parts & systems to be monitored for performance & safety. TTEC Style 1010 TECPAK Thermocouples with quick disconnect plugs are used to measure various engine temperatures on Test Stands. These thermocouples are manufactured under tight tolerances to reduce the probe profile outside the engine and allow for easy disconnect from the wiring harness.