Thermocouple Technology, LLC (TTEC)

Temperature measurement and control devices for import/export supply - Logistics

TTEC is your one stop Temperature Source for Thermocouples, RTD`s, Thermowells, Wire, Indicators & Accessories. Our Export Sales dept. will work closely with you to ensure that all your requirements are met.

This includes:

  • Immediate response on Quotation Requests & Order Acknowledgements
  • Dedicated Export Sales Personnel to handle your inquiries & orders.
  • Assistance in specifying the products that your customers need.
  • Technical Assistance and website tools to easily specify the required items.
  • Experienced personnel to handle all commercial documentation including pro-Forma and Commercial Invoices, Certificates of Origin and NAFTA Certificates (if applicable).
  • Export Packing including scheduling of Pick up, shipment notification and tracking
  • Vendor Technical documents as required including: Material Test Reports, Instruction Manuals and Calibration Test Reports with shipment. -Metric or fractional units of measure.
  • Highest Quality at best pricing available.
  • Expedited shipments available.