Thermocouple Technology, LLC (TTEC)

Temperature measurement and control devices for industrial, electrical & integrated supply industry - Energy

TTEC has an extensive stock of Temperature Measurement Sensors, Components & Accessories for this Industry. These products include Thermocouples, RTD`s, Thermowells & Protection Tubes, Thermocouple Wire, Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Indicators & Controllers. Components & Accessories include Heads & Blocks, Insulators, Standard & Miniature Connectors & Panel Jacks, Strip Panels & Compensated Thermocouple Barrier Strips.

TTEC's KWIK-FIT inventory includes our extensive 'in-stock' offering of Field Cuttable Thermocouples, RTD's & accessories, including 24' & 48' long probes.

Other popular, stocked products include the TTEC Series of KWIK-SHIP Thermowell Assemblies, Thermowells, RTD's, Thermocouple Wire and 420PRO Temperature Transmitters.

Need help with the specs? We'll gladly assist you in specifying the product so that you can quote your customer or get an order entered for fast shipment.

Not a stock item? No problem. Rush orders are our specialty. Let us know what you need and we'll make sure it happens.

Whatever the item: Thermocouple, RTD, Thermowell, Transmitter, Wire, Indicator or the whole Package, TTEC can complete the job for you to make sure your customers get exactly what they need, fast!