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Tissue Homogenizers – Sample preparation for Agronomy - Agriculture

Agronomy research into GMO analysis, food allergies and plant studies, often require grounded hard samples such as seeds, roots or frozen food, which are particularly hard to grind.

A major application for the Precellys is agronomic research.

Most soft sample types such as leaves are relatively easy to homogenize. However, hard samples such as seeds, roots or frozen food can be particularly hard to grind. Complete tissue homogenization in dry or liquid conditions is needed to extract high quality DNA, RNA or protein for further downstream processing. For applications such as microarray or sequencing analysis, it is important to maintain reproducibility among biological replicates during nucleic acid extraction. It is particularly useful for identifying species and GMO and for understanding their development mechanisms. Moreover, allergen studies can be performed more efficiently thanks to the capacity to grind under dry conditions.