Bertin Technologies is an international leader company in multi-disciplinary sectors including Life Sciences, Defense, Aerospace, Environment & Energy. Bertin Technologies offers a full range of Laboratory equipment with 2 different ranges designed for biological sample preparation (Precellys) and air contamination control (Coriolis). Precellys is a range of robustness tissue homogenizers for grinding tissues and lysing cells prior to DNA, RNA and proteins extraction. Precellys uses the bead-beating technology to optimize sample preparation with fast and sensitive biological results. Coriolis is a range of biological air samplers for air contamination control. The Coriolis technology gives access to rapid microbiology methods (RMM) and to rapid and sensitive type of analyses, especially in the case of specific pathogens monitoring. Bertin Technologies provides also innovative systems in waste management with Sterilwave.

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10 Bis Avenue Ampère , Montigny - Le - Bretonneux , Yvelines 78180 France

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Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Since its foundation in 1956, Bertin has been at the forefront of innovation, one of the leading players in the field of industrial modernization, offering a unique combination of expertise and the development and supply of equipment of a highly technological nature.

Every day, our engineers and experts deploy their multi-disciplinary know-how to serve our clients and customers working in the fields of Energy, Environment, Life Sciences, Defence, Aerospace, Industry and Services.

Since January 2008, Bertin Technologies belongs to CNIM group. This industrial shareholder gives a large operational autonomy to its subsidiary, supporting its international growth strategy. 

Bertin Technologies owns a subsidiary in USA, Bertin Corp, and four others subsidiaries in France: Bertin Pharma, Vecsysand recently, Saphymo (January 1st , 2015) and Ami Software (May 18th ,2015).


A heritage of more than 50 years of technological innovation
The history of Bertin is indissociable from that of its founder, Jean Bertin, an exceptional engineer who in 1956 left SNECMA in order to put his skills to good use in a range of industrial sectors. Showing an entrepreneurial spirit he founded Bertin & Compagnie, a company specialized in technical innovation and Research & Development.

The company's history has been marked by contributions to some of the most important national and global technological challenges: deterrence, energy, high-speed transport, energy saving, industrial automation, health & safety etc.

A wide range of services

Bertin Technologies has the capability to provide valuable support and key input at all stages of your Innovation processes and Research & Development programmes.

Our offer, borne by some 650 engineers and highly qualified and experienced staff members based in 9 company's offices (5 in France an 4 worlwide), provides a solution to the different needs of our clients.

  • Provision of top-level engineers for clients' projects
  • Expertise, studies and technological consulting
  • Scientific and technical software development
  • Third-party prototype and mock-up development
  • Supply of small to medium production equipmen

Four fields of expertise

  • Consulting & Engineering with Bertin Expertise and Innovative Processes and Bertin Ergonomy
  • Systems & Instrumentation with Bertin Systems and Instrumentation
  • Information Technology with Bertin IT
  • Pharma & Biotech  with Bertin Pharma

Innovating with our clients to meet the key challenges of our times

In the 21st century the world is faced with a multitude of complex challenges in terms of health, security, sustainable development, to name just a few...

With more than 50 years' experience in the field of innovation, Bertin  Technologies is able to mobilize the collective talents of its teams and a vast stock of technological assets (patents, software and products) to help its clients to meet these major challenges.

Attentiveness to needs, technical excellence and professionalism provide the basis of our service proposal
These fundamental values have provided the foundation for Bertin Technologies' strong development over the past ten years. Today, Bertin Technologies is continuing its growth strategy by expanding its international influence and through sustainable investment in Research and Innovation.

Besides its provision of technological development services to its different clients, Bertin Technologies also provides funds for research programs working in close collaboration with academic and industrial partners in order to develop new technologies and new products in the fields of Health, Defence, Security, Sustainable Development and Industrial Performance.

  • A proven track record of over 50 years in technological and industrial innovation.
  • Company member since January 2008 of CNIM Group: industrial shareholder providing Bertin with a wide scope of operational autonomy while also bringing valuable support in pursuit of its international growth and development strategy.
  • 500 members of staff, including more than 300 engineers and high-level managers.
  • Multi-disciplinary technical competencies: from Engineering Sciences to Life Sciences.
  • Annual Turnover approaching €60m.
  • Sustained level of investment in R&D on innovative products and technologies.
  • State-of-the-art, high-performance means: integration halls and test beds, clean rooms, fully-integrated laboratories and engineering & design departments.
  • Bertin Technologies is one of the leading players in French partnership research, certified by OSEO (Support for Research and Innovation) and eligible for statutory Research Tax Break due to high-level investments in these fields.
  • A range of complementary professional interests focusing on technological excellence and mastering innovation (from research through to industrial application):
    • provision of consulting input and technological expertise
    • design & delivery of high added-value equipment
  • Multi-sector intervention capability:
    • Energy & Environment
    • Life Sciences
    • Defence & Security
    • Aerospace
    • Industry & Services

Light structure and cross-functional synergies
In order to provide the most effective and efficient approach to our markets and to draw up the best possible response to our clients' needs, Bertin Technologies has set up a corporate organization based on professional domains and competency areas.
This 'field-oriented' organization is optimized so as to increase our reactivity and to facilitate the accumulation of technological know-how.

When working on expertise missions or system development projects for our clients, our multi-disciplinary teams are assigned to specially-created project groups so as to ensure the best possible control of the 'Quality/Cost/Delivery' mix.

A key player in the field of technological innovation, Bertin Technologies is able to provide manufacturers with a vast array of multidisciplinary competencies, ranging from Engineering science to Life Sciences, a unique positioning in Europe, enabling Bertin to propose a pragmatic solution to a variety of complex problems, at all times respecting the specific characteristics and industrial and prescriptive constraints of our clients.

Bertin Technologies offers a complete range of services, from initial design to final delivery and acceptance:

  • Diagnosis, decision-making tools, expertise, consulting input
  • Studies and modelling
  • Development, design & delivery of innovative systems based on clients' specifications
  • Renovation and modernisation of equipment, operational maintenance
  • Product catalogue