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Vacuum systems in residential areas - Waste and Recycling

As waste volumes continue to grow, more and more stringent demands are being made of waste handling with regard to hygiene and the environment. The Envac vacuum system for waste handling in residential areas is a long-term investment offering both financial and environmental benefits, as well as other added value.

Improved residential environment

When an Envac system is installed, the need for heavy waste transportation in the area is reduced by up to 90 %. This in turn leads to fewer traffic jams, as well as less noise and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The road traffic environment around people’s homes is made safer. And as the system is hermetically sealed, it will not attract pests or insects or release noxious odours.

Greater availability and enhanced service level

As the waste inlets are connected together in an underground pipe system, it is possible to place great emphasis on the wellbeing of residents when positioning them. Positioning them centrally keeps the area tidier and results in less waste being left lying around. System availability means happier users and greater levels of recycling.

Thorough sorting at source

We supply attractive, functional inlets for several different kinds of waste, all of which are emptied via one and the same pipe. Digital technology allows information to be stored on individual units connected, so allowing the quantity and type of waste and the time to be recorded. This information can be used to further improve and develop sorting at source in the area.

Better working environment

The Envac system provides refuse collection operatives with a considerably better working environment. They have less to lift and drag, and there is no risk of them spreading infection or cutting themselves as there is almost no physical contact with the waste.

Full availability and stability

The Envac system is always available ‒ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The risk of downtime is minimal.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs. Contact us for a calculation of how much you could save.

Moreover, installing the Envac vacuum system frees up space that you could be using for other things.