by Medit Inc.

Visual inspection solutions for automotive industry - Automobile & Ground Transport

In the automotive field, borescopes used for remote visual inspection, make it possible to investigate a variety of problems without tearing apart the entire engine block. This allows you to inspect the internal components of the engine for carbon deposits, wear and tear, to pinpoint sources of unwanted noise, identify corrosion and confirm component failure. Routine quality control inspections at the production stage should also occur frequently. Sites include fuel injector nozzles, cast cylinder heads and turbocharger components, which can all easily be inspected using rigid or flexible endoscopes.

Our automotive borescope sets are visual inspection systems for hollow spaces and hard to reach areas in all types of vehicles. These tools are fully compatible, tested products, designed to diagnose damage without extensive disassembly of the components. The dimensions, optical properties and workmanship of all of the borescopes and components are designed for visual inspection, and have been specially optimized for use in vehicles, even under cramped conditions. Automotive borescope gives you a direct image of the engine, gears, compressors, headers and valves, and body components, making it possible to reliably evaluate damage to the engine block, as caused by heat, blister formation and abrasion. The relevant components can then be immediately selected and dealt with.