Water treatment chemicals for power plants industry - Energy

Today’s power industry is already subject to strict official regulations. These rules will only become more stringent in the future. As a result, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions that ensure plant and operational safety are in high demand.

This is precisely what Kurita delivers:
Our patented technologies provide a scale-free operation of your cooling systems, prevent Legionella growth, effectively treat your boiler water without the use of health endangering substances, improve the performance of your waste water plants and significantly increase the efficiency of your reverse osmosis systems.

In short:
Your water treatment is our specialty.

Please choose an application here:

Make-up water preparation
Raw water from rivers or the sea is often used. Our broad range of treatment programs leads to the production of high quality make-up water, indispensable for the good operation of steam turbine and condenser. To reach feed water in a constant high quality we deliver flocculants to remove solids.


Closed and open cooling systems
In power plants large amounts of cooling water are used for the cooling of the condensers. The cooling systems, which are often large, should be treated to protect the condenser from any damage. An optimal water treatment can reduce scale, deposits, corrosion and microbiological problems. We deliver for the cooling water treatment high efficient products for the hardness stabilisation, corrosion protection and microbiological control.

Co-generation boiler treatment
For the production of electricity and heat boiler systems are used. The boiler water treatment is one important component to realise a safe, failure-free and economic operation and a high steam quality. Scale and corrosion reduce the efficiency of the boiler. Boiler treatments with give corrosion protection and reduce the formation of scale.

  • Customized water treatment programs for the steam generation
  • Fuel oil additives for Diesel engine
  • On-line and off-line gas turbine cleaners for Gas turbine, approved by the U.S. Navy.
  • Treatments for District Heating Systems


Cleaning of plate heat exchangers
Special cleaners created to clean plate heat exchangers, of secondary cooling systems, cooled with an once-through cooling system using raw river or sea water, to remove dirt, deposits, etc.

Desulfurization plants
Special crystallization agents for desulfurization process, to fight against the calcium sulfate precipitation.