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Water Treatment in Soil and Groundwater Contamination - Soil and Groundwater

Several industries and industrial processes may contribute to soil and groundwater contamination. AdEdge Technologies has supplied filtration equipment for several remediation efforts to remove arsenic, lead, and other inorganic contaminants to meet state and federal mandates.

These contaminants might come from lumber processing facilities that use arsenic to treat and preserve the boards, cattle or other animal dipping sites that use arsenic-based pesticide baths, plant nurseries that use arsenic pesticides, construction sites that have high lead contamination from demolition of old buildings, or mine waste and run-off sites that might contain several metals like lead, iron, arsenic, and others. These types of sites are all candidates for systems designed to pump the groundwater through site-specific filtration systems for treatment. After chemical analysis of the water, the systems are sized and operated so that the effluent water can be sent to sanitary sewers or used in ponds as decorative features or for irrigation, allowing the land and groundwater to be used productively after the remediation.