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Workwear & protective fabrics for mining industry - Mining

Where protection from flash fire and explosive dust exposure is required, Arvind PRO1 products can help Saveprecious human lives. The mining environment creates a number of unique hazards including heat stress, greatly affecting operator motor skills and static electricity which could ignite an environment mixed with air and explosive mining dust.

Arvind PRO 1 FR fabrics/garments have excellent moisture regain properties which results in low static propensity. Classed as static dissipative at normal humidity levels, Arvind PRO 1 FR fabrics/garments are not subject to static build-up and do not cling to the wearer’s skin. Arvind PRO 1 apparel is not intended for use in critical static control situations. Although static dissipative apparel is useful in some critical static situations requiring discharge properties, the garment alone is not expected to replace the function of static discharge plates, conductive footwear & flooring and grounding cords.

Arvind PRO 1 range includes multifunctional fabrics where high visibility & FR properties are in the same garments which is essential for mining industry.