Niton UK Limited

XRF analysis for metals exploration & mining - Mining

Niton instruments offer unprecedented performance for a variety of mining and metals exploration applications, all in the palm of your hand. Examples include: Geo-Chemical Exploration. Metal exploration and assessment. Survey & Ore-Body Assessment. Mine Mapping, Development & Grade Control. Mill Heads & Tailings. Smelter Operations. Environmental Monitoring. Mining & Mineral Assessment.

Mining operations, as well as metals exploration sites and refineries, are typically located far from the convenience of modern civilization. Even when on-site laboratories are available, site conditions and sample preparation times typically provide assay results to mine managers within turnaround periods measured in days.

A Niton instrument can prove a valuable item of mining equipment, providing handheld ore-grade assessment, helping to manage blasting, excavation, and hauling activities, optimising the site blend provided to the concentrator, and preventing grade dilution or the erroneous transport of ore to the waste dump.

Mining professionals can also utilise Niton instruments to survey tailings piles and direct site clean-up procedures during mine-closure activities or when addressing acid mine drainage (AMD) issues. In-situ samples are analysed by placing the analyser directly on the drill cutting or rock face to provide screening results in seconds, while simple sample preparation will yield analytical results in agreement with traditional laboratory methods.