Niton UK Limited

Niton UK Limited

XRF analysis for precious metals - Metal

Precious metals testing for trade purchase, bulk supply, or repairs requires precision and care to ensure appropriate pricing, customer confidence and dealer reliability. Niton precious metals testing instruments are ideal for precious metals testing, analysis, recovery and recycling. They have rapidly built a reputation in the precious metals sector as valuable tools for precious metals analysis and precious metal recovery and recycling.

Niton XRF instruments provide a fast, reliable, non-destructive means of identifying and quantifying the composition of precious metal alloys and can also be used to assess the quality and grade of metals such as silver, platinum and gold. As such, they are an essential tool for identifying unknown or unmarked items and being able to quantify their real value.

Key benefits include:

  • Non-destructive testing with instant results
  • Immediate identification for all grades of gold
  • Suitable for ingots, bars, chains, rings, etc
  • No acids required – The end of the acid test!