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Absolute rated filter bag / Absolute efficiency filter bag


For the traditional designed nonwoven liquid filter bags, as usual the filter efficiency is around 60~70%, which just can be used for some primary filtration, for some high efficiency request occasions is not applicable.

For breaking this limitation and offer the higher efficiency but economical solutions, Zonel Filtech developed the PPA high efficiency liquid filter bags which is pushes the boundaries of bag filtration technology far beyond traditional designs. The filter bag with the filter efficiency more than 99%, in some measure, we call it absolute rated filter bag.

The Zonel brand PPA absolute filter bags adopted the micro PP fiber material with multi-layers that made of different density / workmanship filter materials then put them according to the certain order so as to make the filter bags with different micron size and can get the higher filter efficiency as requested accompany with end users liquid filter housings for various applications.

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