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Axetris LGD F200-NH3 successfully integrated and tested at Harper Adams University - Case study


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Researchers at Harper Adams University, Shropshire, United Kingdom, built and tested a multi-channel ammonia monitoring system by integrating the Axetris LGD F200 with the goal of developing a system which would provide substantially higher measurement performance, while being cost-efficient and robust for real-world use. Extensive tests were conducted over the span of multiple years, and the LGD F200 was shown to fulfill all major requirements.

Ammonia Monitoring for Environment and Animal Health
According to various estimates, livestock farming accounts for up to 90% of atmospheric ammonia (NH3). A number of regulations worldwide have taken aim at the reduction and management of ammonia emissions for environmental protection and for promotion of animal health. In Europe, the NEC Directive, 2001/81/EC, sets standards for controlling and managing ammonia emissions from livestock farms.

Cost-Effective and Reliable Solutions Needed
Ammonia monitoring solutions are needed to design effective scrubbing and ventilation systems, but must also be cost-effective in order to provide real-world feasibility for the livestock industry. The monitoring solution should be extremely robust, and designed for use in a difficult measurement environment, with no cross-sensitivity to a number of gaseous components, while also displaying high repeatability, even during continuous use. Existing solutions are mostly based on electrochemical sensing technologies, which are extremely prone to sensor poisoning, which can lead to false results, and suffer from a short lifetime.

Axetris LGD F200 scores high on a number of criteria
Researchers at Harper Adams University, UK ( decided to build a multi-channel ammonia monitor by integrating the Axetris LGD F200, which was found to provide an excellent fit with performance requirements from such a system (Exemplary test results overleaf).

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