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Hotels Put Ozone to Work

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Growing operational costs and lower-than average occupancy rates spurred Apple Farm Inn and Suites, San Luis Obispo, Ca., to explore economic and facility-efficiency benefits obtained through the installation of an ozone laundry system. At the Apple Farm Inn laundry facility, an evaluation lasting several months was conducted in late 2006 into 2007, comparing the costs of laundering by traditional methods versus ozone laundering.

Facilities and Equipment Employed

The Apple Farm Inn is a hospitality hotel with 104 occupancy rooms. Laundry processed includes bedding (sheets, blankets, pillow cases) towels (from rooms and swimming pool area), bath mats and robes. The laundry room consists of two 80 lbs Unimac commercial washers and two 120 lbs Unimac commercial dryers. Twenty loads per day were laundered on the average for a total of 1,600 lbs per day. Traditional laundering was conducted for one month, followed by ozone laundering for a second month.

The ozone system installed for this study was a ClearWater Tech EcoTex system consisting of an ECO2 ozone generator with a maximum ozone output rating of 8 g/h at 3% concentration by weight, a Sequal Technologies Workhorse 8c oxygen concentrator, an AeroQual 100 ambient air ozone monitor, and an EcoTex Diffuser installed in the sump of the clothes washer.

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