Innovative Q-PAC® packed two stage odor control scrubber saves $500,000

Two stages in one 12 ft (3.7 m) tower treat 68,500 cfm (116,400 m3/hr) using high-capacity packing

A new scrubber at a Camden, NJ biosolids processing facility uses advanced technology to cut the cost of odor control. The system was designed, built and installed by Bay Products with process design assistance from Lantec Products.

A single tower is used to remove malodorous gases from air in two stages having separate sumps for the recirculated scrubbing solutions. The lower stage absorbs ammonia using sulfuric acid to neutralize it. The air then passes up the tower into a second stage where hydrogen sulfide is neutralized with caustic soda and converted to harmless sulfate by a hypochlorite bleach solution. A mist eliminator and a sealed collector tray between stages prevent mixing of the two liquids, while allowing air to pass. Odor-free air exits the stack to atmosphere.

The space saving scrubber was started up in March 2006. Performance has been well within design criteria. Note in the photo that the tower fits well into the very limited space available at the plant. System Operator Dan Rourke reports: 'The system is performing as designed by Bay Products. Never a problem — every time we measured outlet concentration the result was just about zero.”

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