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Laundry Oxidation System Saves Money & Time for Hotel


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A recent trial at a local San Antonio hotel using the Ecotex Laundry Oxidation System, has yielded results proving the company's claim that significant savings can be realized in water, natural gas, chemical use, and labor. For this 120 room hotel, a savings of over 250,000 gallons of water per year will be realized, while improving the quality and cleanliness of the laundry being processed.

The Ecotex system utilizes the injection of ozone gas into the laundry process. Ozone gas enhances the capability of detergents and oxidizers, allowing for fewer cleaning steps, less hot water, fewer chemicals, and less overall time in the cycle. In the recent trial completed, the system allowed for ‘reprogramming” of the washer systems that saved 32% on electrical use, 84% on natural gas use, 40% on overall water use, and a 44% reduction in labor hours. This has gained the attention of the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), who offers up to a 50% rebate on the cost of equipment that can produce these types of results. Surveys for larger hotels in the area have shown that savings of 700,000 to 1,000,000 million gallons per year are achievable. With the rebates and financing options available, hotels can often save money in excess of the monthly payment for the system, making it a net positive cash flow install from day one.

The Ecotex system is distributed and supported in Texas by Steelhead, Inc. a San Antonio company specializing in ozone application across several industries. “Our company is trained in providing the upfront data and predictions needed to determine viability”, said Alan Pyle, President of Steelhead, Inc.

“Our potential customers will know ahead of any installation, what to expect in cost, potential rebates, and savings. We ensure success with a money back guarantee, and with pre and post monitoring of every system, using approved water meters. We also work closely with the chemical suppliers and washer manufacturers for each hotel, thereby assuring success for the customer.”

The Ecotex system was developed and is supplied by Clear Water Tech, a USA company that manufactures ozone generation systems for several industries, including bottled water, produce decontamination, and pool maintenance. Steelhead, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes products for the bottled water, food, and laundry industries. The company is located at Loop 410 and Moursund Blvd. in San Antonio and has been in business since 1970.

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