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Lillehammer - Mjøsanlegget - Case Study


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  • Client: Mjøsanlegget
  • Solution: CambiTHP - B12

Lillehammer Mjøsanlegget
One of the first Cambi THP had been operating at Mjøsnalegget since 1999. The plant was planning for an extension, and Mjøsanlegget Extension (Nye Mjøsanlegget) was built in close cooperation with Purac. Mjøsanlegget is a 100% biowaste plant and receives household waste from the Mjøs region in addition to industrial food waste.

Purac delivered the pretreatment system, the new digester and the gas treatment system.In addition to the B6-2 Cambi also had the fully responsibility for the sand removal system (Gritex), one installed for the new digester and two being installed for the THP. Cambi also delivered a flash tank cooler and one digester cooler for each of the two digesters. Finally Cambi delivered a gas mixing system for the new digester.

Since 2015 the Nye Mjøsanlegget has been in operation. The old THP was operating during the whole construction phase. The change over from the old THP to the new THP was done smoothly which was important in order to keep feeding the digester and not losing gas production.

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