Cambi is a leading provider of technology for the conversion of sludge to renewable energy and high-quality biosolids. The company was originally founded in 1989. Today Cambi has more than 125 employees and is represented with offices in 9 different countries. With 58 plants worldwide committed to the CambiTHP™ process, and 21 countries adopting our technologies, Cambi serves more than 53 million people around the globe.

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Business Type:
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Waste and Recycling - Waste to Energy
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Cambi has been involved in the development of environmental technology since 1989. The company was originally founded by Glommen Skogeierforening and in 1992 Petrol Holding AS took over as the main shareholder. After a capital expansion in 1997, Cambi ASA was established. The ownership structure was changed in 2006 and the main owners are now Petrol AS, PEBA AS, and Mallin Venture AS in addition to the employees.

The ownership and capital situation gives Cambi freedom to make investments in process and product development, and resources to build, own and operate plants.

Cambi is a leading provider of technology to convert biodegradable material to renewable energy, with high quality in deliveries, competence and expertise.

Cambi in brief

  • Environmental technology since 1989
  • Numerous international turn-key references
  • Meets today’s and future environmental requirements
  • Highly skilled and experienced people
  • Leading expertise within biogas production from biomass
  • Core technology within industrial pre-treatment and biological energy conversion
  • Turn-key supplier of processing plants with core technology and supplementary systems
  • Proprietary technologies - a number of patents and patent's pending
  • International network of companies, partners and representatives
  • Successful record from executing projects with a number of clients and partners.

Cambi creates value from:

  • Municipal and industrial sludge
  • Bio-waste, including food waste and slaughterhouse residues
  • By-products and waste from processing industry and agriculture activities
  • Lignocellulosic feedstock
  • Distiller's wet grains, thin and whole stillage


  • Cambi shall contribute to improve the world's ecological balance.

Business Idea :

  • Cambi shall be leading within biological energy conversion.
  • Cambi will achieve this through leading technology and quality in deliveries.

Cambi offers operational support for plants throughout their lifetime.

Targets for these services are:

  • Operational stability
  • Low and predictable operating costs
  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • High process performance
  • Few and brief down-time events

Operational support services include:

  • Remote support
  • Online monitoring and control
  • Upgrade packages
  • Emergency site support
  • Plant maintenance shut-down; planning, supervision and inspection
  • Site services
  • Training programmes
  • Optimisation programmes
  • Test and analysis services, including biological process advice
  • Mass and energy balance studies
  • Purchasing services and advice
  • Maintenance programmes
  • Documentation control and update
  • Service agreements
  • Plant operation services

Cambi started as a development company called ”Kambi” in 1989, named after the latin word ‘cambium’ which is the part of the tree where growth takes place. The company was founded by the forest owners association Glommen Skogeierforening, in Norway. The technology was initially used to develop a steam explosion process for the paper and pulp industry.

However, that original application for the pulp and paper industry evolved in the direction towards the wastewater treatment sector due to promising results in laboratory tests. In 1992 the company was sold to the Norwegian oil trading and distribution company, Petrol Holding, which was in the process of diversifying into new areas outside of oil trading.

At this time, the first letter in the name was changed, and Cambi was founded, initiating the commercialization and further technology development of Cambi leading to the development of the Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Process (Cambi THP™), which has revolutionized the handling of sludge and organic waste around the world. The first full scale THP project was developed with HIAS and implemented at a plant for the City of Hamar in Norway in 1994.

Based on the documentation of the performance through the first years of operation at HIAS, Cambi established a cooperation with Thames Water in 1998 to build a CambiTHP installation at Chertsey Wastewater Treatment Plant in England. As part of this cooperation, a JV-company called Simon-Hartley Cambi was set up to sell and supply the CambiTHP in the UK and Ireland. Soon contracts were signed for wastewater treatment plants in Scotland (Aberdeen) and Ireland (Dublin). After these projects Cambi took over Thames Water’s shares in the JV Company and renamed it Cambi UK Ltd.

During the same period Cambi won additional projects in Norway and Denmark. Among these was the biowaste treatment plant in the city of Lillehammer, Norway, treating food waste from 15 municipalities.

In the early 2000’s the basis was set for further international expansion and new contracts were obtained for plants in Belgium (Brussels), Poland and Australia.

Since then, Cambi has seen tremendous growth and acceptance of the CambiTHP™with now more than 50 plants either operational or under construction globally. For more information, please see our References.

 Today Cambi is truly a global company, privately held, with more than 125 employees and locations in 9 countries and with a strong network of partners. Through its plants in operation or under construction in 21 different countries, Cambi serves more than 53 million people around the globe.

Cambi is the global leader in technologies for treatment of sludge and organic waste and conversion of materials to renewable energy and class-A biosolids. The environmental and economical challenges faced by the nations of the world in the quest to treat water, recycle nutrients and produce renewable energy, so as to protect the environment for future generations, are only now being fully appreciated. Cambi’s technologies represent a proven component in responding to these challenges.

Cambi’s technologies and services are proven and ready to enable our customers to face those challenges by cutting down their carbon emissions, eliminating health risks associated with sludge, increasing energy production, recycling valuable nutrients, and at the same time reducing capital investments and operating expenses.

We are certain that an essential element of our success lies in the long-term positive impact we bring to our customers and their local communities. Whenever one of our customers decides to establish a Cambi plant, they are making a long-term commitment to our processes and technologies and we, in turn, are making a similar commitment to build a relationship with them for the long haul.

Our shareholders and our employees share our vision of creating long-term, sustainable value. Building a company that works with things that matter, and upon which customers can rely. A company to last for generations.

In Cambi we believe we are building something important and the positive impact can already be seen. We have expanded our reach to incorporate sites in the Americas, Southern Europe, Asia, and Australia. We have become the undisputed leader in the field of sludge pre-treatment, and we believe the global market now understands that, in the 21st century, one simply cannot invest in sludge lines without pre-treatment.