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Lindum - Drammen - Case Study


Courtesy of Cambi Group AS

  • Client: Lindum
  • Solution: CambiTHP - B6

Drammen /Lindum
The plant in Drammen is designed to treat approx. 6,000 tons of sludge from municipalities in the Drammen region, together with some grease and septic. The biogas produced at the plant, will have an energy content of 16 GW per annum. The energy could be used for either cogeneration or as fuel in vehicles. The digested sludge containing both food substance and organic material is dewatered into a high-class pasteurized fertilizer for direct application to agricultural land. With this new plant in Drammen, Lindum will achieve their goal of producing biogas from sludge and waste.

The plant will be a solid fundament in Lindums emphasis on the treatment of bio-waste and sludge in the region. This is due to the fact that you achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, that both treats waste and sludge producing energy and nutrients for recipients in the region.

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