Nitrogen Oxide Technology gives American Superconductor an economical, environmentally friendly treatment solution


Courtesy of Bionomic Industries Inc.

The installation of Bionomic Industries Inc.'s (Mahwah, NJ) innovative ScrubPac.

BIONOxSOLVER' abatement system is enabling American Superconductor Corporation to treat the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from a calcination process at its new, high temperature superconductor manufacturing facility (Devens, MA), in a cost-effective, environmentally responsible way.

Bionomic Industries' solution uses a unique catalyst oxidation process to convert the nitric oxide to nitrogen dioxide, which is then removed with a wet scrubber using a proprietary, highly efficient, low-toxic scrubbing chemistry. After comparing the two-stage system with other vendors' solutions that required multiple scrubbers and hazardous, expensive chemicals, American Superconductor chose the BIONOxSOLVER technology to meet the NOx emission control requirements for its 365,000-square-foot plant, which is the first large-scale production facility in the world for commercial high temperature superconductor wires.

Emission Control Requirements
Fluor Daniel, the project engineering and design contractor, learned that American Superconductor needed an air pollution control system to control nitrogen oxide emissions from the calcining operation used to produce the high temperature superconducting oxides. It hired Shaw Environmental, Inc. (Shaw), to design and procure the air and wastewater treatment systems.

Shaw solicited bids from producers of nitrogen oxide wet scrubber systems to supply a complete package to meet the automatic ventilation needs of the furnaces and reduce all nitrogen oxide emissions with a minimum efficiency of 98%.

Shaw's Project Manager Robert Swoyer explains, 'In evaluating the proposals, we learned that the majority of the systems could not remove both the nitric oxide and dioxide species economically. In fact, several could only remove the nitrogen dioxide form. These systems required multiple chemicals consisting of caustic and hazardous sodium hydrosulfide along with complicated feed systems. To remove the nitric oxide, these vendors needed an additional wet scrubbing stage using expensive and dangerous sodium chlorite to oxidize the insoluble nitric oxide to the dioxide form so it could be scrubbed.'

When Shaw contacted Bionomic Industries for an alternative solution, the company proposed a system that eliminated multiple scrubbers and the hazards and cost of dangerous chemicals. It recommended using its ScrubPac'' BIONOxSOLVER' system, which includes its two newly developed products: the DRI-NOx low temperature catalytic converter combined with the BIONOxSOLVER' NOx wet scrubbing solution.

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