Noise mapping of roads in England


Courtesy of Landmark Information Group

Landmark Solutions, the UK provider of geospatial information, solutions and services, was selected by DEFRA as the prime contractor to carry out noise mapping for the Potteries area of the West Midlands. This work forms part of the Government’s National Ambient Noise Strategy (NANS), part of which is focused on mapping noise levels from roads, railways, aircraft and industrial sites across England.  Due to be completed by 2007, the first stage in the development of NANS is the Noise Mapping of Roads which involved DEFRA’s Central Data Service (CDS) collating and compiling noise information taken from England’s major roads and 21 towns and cities.

Landmark Solutions was responsible for the processing of CDS noise data for the Potteries area of Staffordshire, one of the largest regions covering an area of 96,620km2. Outputs included the creation of a Noise Barrier dataset, a noise model, and both calculating the noise levels and subsequently mapping them.

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