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Landmark is Britain`s leading supplier of land and property search information. Providing digital mapping, planning and environmental risk information, Landmark also delivers comprehensive geographic solutions. We identify and and property risk into facts, insight and opportunity. With data, technology and our team of experts at the heart of what we do, we deliver intelligence and solutions to enable you to make informed decisions. - See more at:

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The Smith Centre, Fairmile , Henley-on-Thames , Oxfordshire RG9 6AB United Kingdom

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Landmark Information Group
Landmark Information Group has quickly developed into the market leader in the field of property related environmental risk information and digital mapping since the inception of the business in 1995.

Landmark has an unrivalled source of large scale current and historic digital maps together with high quality environmental risk and planning information. The focus on quality data enables Landmark to provide solutions that create peace of mind for our customers when using one of our products.

Working closely with data providers including Ordnance Survey, the Environment Agency, the Coal Authority and the British Geological Survey enables Landmark to offer current and historical environmental risk management information and desktop mapping solutions for the property industry. Since 1995, approximately £20 million has been spent establishing the Landmark database which exists as one of the largest geographical information databases in Europe.

Our Commitment
Landmark has built a reputation for the quality of its data. All the data held is constantly updated and cross-referenced to ensure its accuracy and reinforce the reliability on which customers depend. As the result of a joint venture between Ordnance Survey and Landmark an extensive digital historical map archive has been created dating back to 1850 and consisting of more than half a million individual map sheets.

Landmark has undertaken a detailed analysis of the historical map archive resulting in an extensive database of previous land use throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Environmental Data such as landfills, pollution incidents, water abstraction points, sites of special scientific interest, IPPC and LAPPC licences, and much more, is held within the Landmark database.

In June 1999 the company merged with Prodat Systems, the company behind the CD-based digital mapping system, Promap. Landmark and Prodat have combined strengths to apply the advanced digital delivery system of Promap to Landmark products.

Customers include environmental and geo-technical consultants, surveyors, lawyers, lenders, property companies, insurance companies, and multi-site industrial and utility companies. In September 2003 Landmark Information Group's parent company, DMG Information Limited announced the acquisition of Sitescope Limited.

Sitescope is one of the UK's leading online providers of environmental searches. The integration of Sitescope Limited and Landmark Information Group Limited provides customers of both companies an increased choice of products utilising the latest technology.

Our People
Our highly skilled and professional people are at the heart of our business. Their creativity, innovation, energy and motivation are the driving force of our success. Landmark operates in the UK as well as Holland and Germany, employing over 400 people.

A significant investment in data and technology and a commitment to service and value has resulted in a number of information services widely used in the public and private sectors.
Each service is managed by Landmark's in-house technical development team. The 100 strong team manage the maintenance and enhancements of the existing product portfolio and work on new product development through feasibility studies, analysis, prototyping and implementation.

To meet the needs of our customers Landmark has individual Group Companies focused on the customer's specific requirements. This commitment to the needs of our customers has led to the investment in a number of key areas of the business. Primarily the continued investment in data and approach to customer service.

Within Landmark there are dedicated teams set up to ensure our customers enquiries are handled swiftly and efficiently. Landmark provides excellent customer service and strives to exceed customer expectations.

Our Business
Landmark's success has been founded on creating new and innovative information services by combining and consolidating data to meet the requirements of the marketplace.

A significant investment in data and technology and a commitment to service and value has resulted in a number of information services widely used in the public and private sectors. Each service has been designed to fulfil specific requirements for residential and commercial properties, site of areas of land.

Landmark was founded on the principle that combining and consolidating environmental data from a wide variety of sources would not only improve the availability of data and make it more convenient to access, it could also create new types of information services which could provide new solutions to old problems.

How we deliver quality to our customers:
Landmark maintains nearing 1000 servers and systems to service our customer's requirements quickly and reliably.

Every new product or enhancement goes through a rigorous development process to ensure it is fit for purpose. This includes customer feedback, feasibility studies, business cases, user consultation and effective implementation cycles that enable Landmark to react quickly to the needs of the market.

Landmark deploys approximately 300 product or system releases a year to ensure our customers receive the fastest, most reliable and up to date service.

Landmark runs one of the largest private sector Oracle Spatial installation in the UK which enables a large capacity for managing huge data sets and the facility to provide accurate boundary searches around sites.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We believe that a responsible approach to developing relationships between companies and the communities they serve, national or local, is a vital part of delivering business success. How we interact with the world in which we operate determines our place within it. This statement of corporate social responsibility represents a first step into defining the Landmark position and will evolve over time.

The purpose of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is to make clear to all stakeholders our approach to corporate social responsibility and to outline how we propose to meet the challenges of sustainable development.We reflect this commitment in a range of policies set within our CSR Policy.

Landmark is well-known for its comprehensive database of historical maps but we go much further. We offer more than 150 different datasets through a variety of value-added products, pre-configured for particular uses and audiences.

We hold one of Europe's largest databases of its kind, containing nearly a billion distinct features that describe our landscapes, cities, physical infrastructure, buildings and properties. From the latest aerial imagery to the most current and detailed mapping, from comprehensive planning data to unique land & property risk information - it's all there for our clients to use.

Selling Time, Not Data
We value the personal touch and maintain strategic, long-term relationships with our suppliers. These include government agencies such as Ordnance Survey, British Geological Survey, or the Environment Agency, as well as local authorities and many expert private-sector companies.

Through our extensive supplier network we offer a single, unified service. We also deal with all the data access and licensing issues so you don't have to.

We believe that we sell time rather than data - the time you save by coming to one single place that holds the information you require, in an accessible way tailored to your purpose.

Data Quality
We quality-control and maintain all our datasets, keeping them continuously up-to-date. But we don't just manage data. We work hard to improve on it.

There is currently no national standard on how local and regional authorities supply their information; be it local development plans, environmental notices, or Green Belt denominations. We collect this data from every single organisation (nearly 500 throughout Britain) and then put it through rigorous quality procedures.

We validate, cross-check and, where necessary, 'clean' the data. The result is one single, unified database where all maps have the same look and feel, and share the same legend keys and categorisation. We therefore offer the highest-quality and most comprehensive data there is - via our de-facto national standard.

We also take client feedback very seriously. When our Customer Support Service alerts us to a potential issue we investigate and, if necessary, rectify the particular data in question. So you can rest assured of the best data there is.

Seeking Partners and New Opportunities
We actively collaborate with suppliers and partners, continuously seeking improvements to existing datasets and new opportunities to extend our product line. For this purpose we also have an in-house data research and analysis capability.

We are always interested to hear from potential partners and suppliers who may want to work with us and take advantage of our unrivalled route to market.

If you are interested in commercialising your data via Landmark please contact us on 01392 441700 and ask to speak to our Group Data Manager.