Landmark Information Group

Landmark Information Group

Landmark Information Group is part of dmg::information a group of global, market-leading business-to-business (B2B) information companies covering a broad range of sectors including property, finance, energy, environmental and education. dmg::information is a division of DMGT plc. When it comes to land and property, Landmark are your go-to-experts. Whether you’re looking to acquire land, design or build a development, sell or lease land or property, invest in or secure funding, or undertake compliance – we can help you. And rest assured we operate with integrity and best practice. Compliance is an important part of our business and we have voluntarily opted into complying with three ISO standards because we view them as important to our business.

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5-7 Abbey Court Eagle Way , Exeter , EX2 7HY United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Globally (various continents)
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Welcome to the Landmark Academy. Created to meet the evolving training requirements for Solicitors and help solicitors maintain competencies. It provides guidance on Landmark reports and includes Webinars and supporting materials. With new SRA requirements for solicitors to demonstrate competency the Academy has been designed to help solicitors achieve these requirements. Sign up today for free access.

To provide training we use acknowledged experts and cover topics from Environmental and Property related matters. Our first content covers FloodRE and flooding and is led by Sue Highmore and Simon Boyle with additional content and topics added throughout the year.
Our divisionsLandmark Legal

Providers of environmental and other location based risk information to the residential and commercial property sectors in England, Wales and Scotland. Our dedicated, personal approach supports legal and conveyancing professionals in their property due diligence in line with the Law Society and SRA requirements, providing a wide range of property searches.

We offer a comprehensive, flexible and continually evolving range of services and are able to support every type of property transaction. We work closely with our clients to interpret risk and provide clear, concise guidance and solutions where risk is identified to ensure that not only are conveyancers meeting their regulatory requirements but also that transactions progress smoothly.

Landmark is well-known for its comprehensive database of historical maps but we go much further. We offer more than 150 different datasets through a variety of value-added products, pre-configured for particular uses and audiences.

We hold one of Europe's largest databases of its kind, containing nearly a billion distinct features that describe our landscapes, cities, physical infrastructure, buildings and properties. From the latest aerial imagery to the most current and detailed mapping, from comprehensive planning data to unique land & property risk information - it's all there for our clients to use.

Selling Time, Not Data
We value the personal touch and maintain strategic, long-term relationships with our suppliers. These include government agencies such as Ordnance Survey, British Geological Survey, or the Environment Agency, as well as local authorities and many expert private-sector companies.

Through our extensive supplier network we offer a single, unified service. We also deal with all the data access and licensing issues so you don't have to.

We believe that we sell time rather than data - the time you save by coming to one single place that holds the information you require, in an accessible way tailored to your purpose.

Data Quality
We quality-control and maintain all our datasets, keeping them continuously up-to-date. But we don't just manage data. We work hard to improve on it.

There is currently no national standard on how local and regional authorities supply their information; be it local development plans, environmental notices, or Green Belt denominations. We collect this data from every single organisation (nearly 500 throughout Britain) and then put it through rigorous quality procedures.

We validate, cross-check and, where necessary, 'clean' the data. The result is one single, unified database where all maps have the same look and feel, and share the same legend keys and categorisation. We therefore offer the highest-quality and most comprehensive data there is - via our de-facto national standard.

We also take client feedback very seriously. When our Customer Support Service alerts us to a potential issue we investigate and, if necessary, rectify the particular data in question. So you can rest assured of the best data there is.

Seeking Partners and New Opportunities
We actively collaborate with suppliers and partners, continuously seeking improvements to existing datasets and new opportunities to extend our product line. For this purpose we also have an in-house data research and analysis capability.

We are always interested to hear from potential partners and suppliers who may want to work with us and take advantage of our unrivalled route to market.

If you are interested in commercialising your data via Landmark please contact us on 01392 441700 and ask to speak to our Group Data Manager.