Pump Station Biotrickling Filter Odor Control


Courtesy of Lantec Products, Inc.

Odor Complaints Eliminated at Florida Lift Station
Effective Control of Odor Surges to 800 ppmv H2S

$50,000 Savings

Numerous cities and counties in central Florida are experiencing explosive growth. Examples abound in articles in Florida newspapers. Population is growing “by leaps and bounds” per the Seminole Chronicle (6/9/06) and “urban sprawl costs $2,708 in taxes and adds 55 hours commuting time per year as well as adds 6 pounds to the weight of the average resident” according to the Orlando Sentinel (3/27/06). This type of growth is placing a constantly increasing burden upon the public sewer systems in all areas of the state. As sewer systems extend their reach, more lift stations are needed to move the wastewater from source to treatment plant – and more water must constantly be moved by existing pump stations as well. This has lead to a profusion of odor complaints in neighborhoods that adjoin such facilities.

Typical of such problems is the lift station located on Bradshaw Road in Apopka, Florida seen below. Note that the pumping facility is designed to present a very low profile when viewed from the street.This is a consequence of a neighborhood of modest single family houses sited directly across the narrow two lane road.

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