Q-PAC® supports biological growth for BOD reduction

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Courtesy of Lantec Products, Inc.

Patented Bioreactor uses Q-PAC Randomly Packed Media in Application of Specific Bacterial Cultures for Treating High Strength Industrial Waste for BOD and Odor Reduction in a Cheese Manufacturing Plant

A cheese manufacturer in Upstate New York with one three million gallon lagoon is testing a bioreactor (TVTBIO 32) from TVT US Corporation. The concept is essentially the same as bacteria eating an oil spill. However, the difference is that the TVT-BIO system is an active one versus other processes, which are passive. The field research goal is to determine how much odor control and BOD reduction can be achieved with this equipment during winter and summer conditions.

The bioreactor is filled with Q-PAC polypropylene packing media, which act as a substrate for biofilm growth. The TVT Bio-Boost System acts as a bioreactor by providing optimum conditions for rapid continuous growth of application specific microbial cultures. Appropriate cultures are combined to act on the target contaminate (high strength waste water).

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