Seattle, WA - Active chemical distribution facility - Case Study


Courtesy of TRS Group, Inc.

Guaranteed Remediation of TCE and PCE under Active Facility

Project Summary

TRS Group, Inc. (TRS) working with FLOYD|SNIDER a local Seattle consulting firm, completed a guaranteed fixed price remediation (GFPR) of tetrachloroethene (PCE) and trichloroethene (TCE) in soil at an active bulk chemical warehouse and distribution facility in Seattle, Washington. This contaminant source area remediation project was performed in accordance with an Agreed Order and Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) from the Washington Department of Ecology that was completed by FLOYD|SNIDER,

The PCE and TCE were comingled with mineral spirits that were predominantly in the boiling point range of PCE and TCE. As part of the ERH remedial design, TRS performed a laboratory bench treatability study to better understand the energy densities required to overcome the Raoult's Law effects of the mineral spirits on the evaporation rate of the chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs).

Several remediation technologies were previously used in an attempt to cleanup the contaminant source area over many years with little to no success at a cost over $10M. TRS completed the source area remediation a month faster than estimated for a total cost including energy, waste disposal and vapor treatment of $5M.

The goal of the remediation was to treat soil underlying, and adjacent to, the Cascade Columbia Distribution Facility. The sources for the PCE and TCE were former underground storage tanks (USTs) and a pump house. An ancillary contaminant of concern (COC) that was not part of the guarantee but was also addressed was mineral spirits. The site cleanup goal was 10 milligrams per kilogram for combined TCE and PCE in soil. The total treatment area and volume were 26,744 ft2 and 42,000 yd3, respectively. The site was sub-divided into five treatment regions as shown in the table below. Confirmatory soil samples from each treatment region were required to meet 95% of the UCL.

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