Technology Spotlight: BIONOxSOLVER NOx: An Eco-Friendly Scubbing Solution

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Courtesy of Bionomic Industries Inc.

NOx scrubber installations employing Bionomic Industries' BIONOxSOLVER have proven to be simpler, safer and considerably more cost effective than systems using sodium sulfide or hydrosulfide scrubbing reagents. Sodium sulfide and hydrosulfide are DOT libeled hazardous compounds that require dealing with major worker safety issues. They are extremely corrosive, causing difficulties in safe handling and requiring full worker personal protection. Special elaborate procedures must be put in place and followed for proper storage and disposal of sulfide/hydrosulfide containers.

BIONOxSOLVER, on the other hand, is much safer to handle, is not considered a hazardous substance and eliminates the complexities and safety issues of sulfide-based reagents. Using BIONOxSOLVER results in a much simpler and overall less costly system. NOx scrubber systems employing sulfide,'hydrosul-fide chemistries are more elaborate, complex and expensive to purchase, operate and maintain.

Liberation of extremely toxic and dangerous hydrogen sulfide gas is always an issue. A costly additional scrubber stage along with the associate chemical feed systems, instrumentation and controls must be installed to scrub out anv liberated hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide worker exposure limits for NIOSH compliance is an extremely low 10 ppm for 10 minutes. Besides worker safety issues and potential liability exposure, hydrogen sulfide is extremely odorous at low concentrations. If it is emitted from the liquid solution or scrubber outlet, it can cause neighbor odor complaints and the resultant possibility of costly fines. Not only is an additional scrubber stage required to remove the hydrogen sulfide, but further chemicals must be purchased, stored and used in this scrubber stage as well. The chemicals consisting of sodium hypochlorite, considered hazardous in itself must be used in combination with sodium hydroxide. In this stage, any deviation from maintaining a narrow pH scrubbing liquid range will cause liberation of toxic chlorine and hydrogen sulfide gases.

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