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The Application and Development of the Bottom Blowing Copper Smelting Process

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In 1967, the steel industry realized bottom blowing process after the shrouded injector had been invented by Canadian Guy Savard and Robert G.H.Lee. While in the nonferrous metallurgical industry, top blowing] process was industrial applied in Australia in 1987. And side blowing Noranda process went into industrial production in Canada in 1973. Then in 1991 the pilot test of bottom blowing copper smelting process was done by using the lances like structure of the Savard-Lee shrouded injector in China, the bottom blowing copper smelting process wasn?t put into industrial production until 2008. Because of the distinct advantages such as low consumption, safe production and good environmental protection and so on, the bottom blowing process is welcome by the copper smelting industry. At the present time, there are 7 companies adopt the new copper smelting and have put into production, 4 is establishing with the process. At the same time, the paper discusses the further knowledge about the process, likes the distribution of bubble, the distribution of temperature, the composition of gas phase, the composition of the matte and the heterogeneity of them and the change of oxidation capacity and so on.

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