IC Controls manufactures and distributes water analysis equipment for aggressive industrial applications to substantially improve operating efficiencies in mines, mills, metallurgical refineries and wastewater plants. With over 35 years' experience developing robust sensors and analyzers, and known especially for its pH sensors, IC Controls helps obtain measurements in harsh environments to ensure high process yield while ensuring water quality in tailings and effluent. Complementing IC Controls products is the Thermo Orion process line. Since 1981, IC Controls has been the master distributor for these specific ion monitors for sodium, calcium, chloride and silica, and now the AquaSensors line. No matter the product or application, as demand for natural resources grows, threatening habitats vital to food production and freshwater availability, IC Controls provides the equipment and know-how to help ensure long-term sustainability and profitability.

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29 Centennial Road , Orangeville , ON L9W 1R1 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Industrial Water Analysis Specialists

IC Controls is proud to be celebrating over 30 years as a Canadian manufacturer supplying the international market with advanced electrochemical water analysis equipment, sensors, and standards. Since our founding in 1979, we have evolved to specialize our offerings in the areas of pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, and boiler water analysis equipment for industry. Design, research and development, and manufacturing all take place at our head office located in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

The IC Controls corporate objective is to make our living while benefitting the global environment by improving the quality of life for all with whom we do business. We strive to provide real solutions that both improve our living environment by measuring the purity of water and make your work easier. These solutions are achieved through an innovative approach to the measurement and control of important parameters such as pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen, and chlorine. In short, IC Controls supplies real solutions that improve product quality and profits.

IC Controls established itself in the Canadian market as a manufacturer of superior-quality analyzers, controls, sensors and standards for the measurement of pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. IC Controls has built a reputation for quality, durability, trouble-free performance, quick delivery, and outstanding technical support. The reputation for quality has created a strong customer following in Canada. Since our expansion into international markets in 1990, our reputation is now growing throughout the world.

IC Controls analyzers have advanced measurement capabilities as well as networkability that provide ease-of-use and accuracy. We help our customers to achieve efficiency with minimal capital investment, which in turn gives our customers a competitive advantage. Users also enjoy the benefit of our strong customer application support with 'analyzer experts' educated in the area of chemistry. Our experts are available to provide specific 'real solutions' to any challenge.

The on-line process analysis markets served by IC Controls include applications from incoming water treatment to boiler feedwater, stream and condensates, to applications in the manufacturing process, and on to monitoring the final effluent for pollution-prevention purposes. The following industries are served:

  • pulp and paper mills
  • mines and metal refineries
  • municipal water and waste facilities
  • environmental ministries
  • electrical utilities, thermal and nuclear
  • breweries and sugar refineries
  • steel mills
  • chemical plants
  • oil refineries
  • general manufacturing

My Mission

When considering starting a business in 1978, I wanted to seize the opportunity of making a living doing something that would improve the quality of life for my fellow man.   My desire was to use my extensive career experience in the Water Analyzer and Process Controls Field to improve our living environment by measuring the quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe.   And so began IC Controls in 1979.  We have now grown to the point where we research, design, manufacture and service our own brand of water Analyzers, Sensors and Chemicals, as well as private label manufacture for others.   We specialize in measuring: pH, ORP, Conductivity, Salinity, Resistivity, High Purity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), %Concentration (Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH or Sulfuric Acid - H2SO4, Hydrochloric Acid - HCl and Sodium Chloride - NaCl), ppm Dissolved Oxygen, ppb Dissolved Oxygen, Free Available Chlorine, Total Free Chlorine and pH/ORP Method Chlorine.

I am proud to have founded a business that helps to improve the quality of water and the quality of life for my fellow man around the world. 

Our Values

Since the opening of IC Controls in 1979, our guiding principles have not changed. Our commitment has always been to a) provide a safe working environment and steady quality jobs for our employees, b) to provide confidence of secure supply to our customers and c) to provide a fair return on investment for our shareholders.   IC Controls implements this through quality products and strong customer support derived from the pride of our people in a job well done.  Product excellence and application success has resulted in customer satisfaction and continuous customer confidence in us for over 30 years.

Since day one, our future oriented outlook, for a clean environment and quality of life for people has been an important objective in how we operate our business. Today, we understand the importance of sustainable growth and making sustainable initiatives a part of our business strategy, so that we may manage the use of our resources responsibly to benefit future generations.

IC Controls proudly produces products that support a green environment and sustainable development for the industries we supply to.   We strive to produce high quality products that provide effective and durable monitoring of  water resources that will benefit our customers economically as well as keep our earth safe.

IC Controls is committed to providing quality Water Analysis Equipment to our customers. Reliability and accuracy is crucial towards ensuring that our customers are able to avoid risk and meet regulatory compliance through a proactive approach.

IC Controls has implemented and maintains a quality assurance program referenced to the Canadian Standards Association standard Z299 series for business and quality management. Our quality assurance implementation has been independently audited. Z299 is a quality assurance management system, similar to the ISO 9000 series of standards. Our products also meet CSA standards for certification.

Our products can attest to a high level of quality given their rugged design and construction which has proven to outlast the competition. Each and every product we manufacture is put through quality control.

We stand behind the quality of our products and offer full customer support as well as trade in programs to ensure you always have the most recent and up-to-date product at the lowest cost to you.

IC controls is proud to be the Canadian distributor for Thermo Orion products. Thermo Orion implements strict environmental and quality assurance for the development of all its products, to ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction for their customers. All Thermo Orion products are manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Specific Applications
IC Controls is an application oriented company. We offer a variety of analyzers and sensors with options to suit different applications. Application questionnaires are useful time saving tools that help us apply our products to your application. Application questionnaires can be found on our website. Our experience has shown us that quoting to a specific application achieves the best possible performance and customer satisfaction.

Confidence for our Customers

  • At IC Controls, we strive to maximize the efficiency and minimize the maintenance of the process water you are monitoring. You can be assured that the quality standards of all our products adhere to strict quality management guidelines.
  • All products are backed by 30 years of industrial water analysis experience. IC Controls has a history of providing products with proven performance and quality.
  • We offer you the ability to select from numerous options, enabling you to purchase tailor-made products for your specific applications.
  • IC Controls provides true benefits from purchasing quality products which, over the long run, pay for themselves. You can expect longevity, better accuracy and simple maintenance.
  • Our products offer accuracy, simple maintenance and are known for working well in tough applications. We have successfully addressed the needs of the market with products that combine ease of use with exceptional performance.

In 1979, IC Controls was a founded as a company with a future oriented outlook for a clean environment and quality of life for people. Since then, our vision at IC Controls has not changed. Today, we are continually evolving. IC controls recognizes the importance of sustainability and making it a part of how we do business. We consider sustainable initiatives to be common sense, and have always based our success on our commitment to quality, which has been beneficial to our natural resources through precise and effective water quality control.

IC Controls understands that thinking “green”, and using our resources responsibly, is the right thing to do. Our recycling program, energy efficient equipment, and waste saving manufacturing systems lower our impact on the environment, and have always made sense for our business.

However, sustainability extends much further then our companies daily initiatives. True sustainability comprises meeting the economic, environmental, and social needs of our community, employees, and customers, while being able to preserve and improve the living environment for future generations to do the same.

Our foundation for sustainability at IC Controls, which underlies how we operate, and bringing us to where we are today, rests on our guiding principles:

  • Respect for Resources – Committed to preserving the quality of our natural environment, it is important to us to understand the needs of the industries we supply to so that our products may work harmoniously with their processes, to achieve compliance and ensure the utmost safety and quality for natural resources. Our commitment is extended to our community through volunteer initiatives to protect and support local water resources.
  • Innovative Technology – Continually providing innovative and advanced measurement technology to improve our environment, and control global industries economically, is our mission. The working environment at IC Controls is a highly qualified production team, integrating mechanical, chemical, software, electronics, quality control, and product development into each product we manufacture. IC Controls is also dedicated to educational partnerships. We currently offer co-operative opportunities to three sophisticated students from Canada's top educational institutions, providing innovative and fresh insight for our industry.
  • Passion for Quality - Our high quality, precision scientific instruments meet a standard of excellence, used by chemists and engineers to improve the performance of their processes to ensure a safe and clean environment. We support the well-being of our employees to ensure dedication and commitment is incorporated into each one of our Canadian made products.

IC Controls strives to continually meet the demands and expectations of a changing world. By offering products at the forefront of technical advancements and quality, we are helping improve processes for our customers in various industries, so that they can continue to meet increasingly stringent government and environmental challenges. Through our continual efforts, we will be able to provide the necessary means of improving our natural environment and standards for living.

Commitment to Our Customers
IC Controls is an application oriented company that strives to meet your needs and expectations. It is our commitment to you, our customer, to provide friendly, responsive, and reliable service and support. Your business matters to us. We pride ourselves for offering on-time delivery, a knowledgeable and caring production team, and products that surpass your expectations. All products are backed by our technical experts to ensure quality, durability, trouble-free performance, and outstanding technical support.

The on-line process analysis markets served by IC Controls include applications from incoming water treatment to boiler feedwater, stream and condensates, to applications in the manufacturing process, and on to monitoring the final effluent for pollution-prevention purposes.

The following industries are served:

  • pulp and paper mills
  • mines and metal refineries
  • municipal water and waste facilities
  • environmental ministries
  • electrical utilities, thermal and nuclear
  • breweries and sugar refineries
  • steel mills
  • chemical & fertilizer plants
  • oil refineries
  • general manufacturing