The PWN Water Supply Company North Holland

The PWN Water Supply Company located in the North Holland Province of the Netherlands, uses Trojan UV technology to provide an additional barrier to micropollutants. In addition, the UV system disinfects, inactivating chlorine-resistant pathogenic microorganisms. The drinking water treatment plant, located in Andijk, serves approximately a half a million people and treats up to 4,000 cubic meters per hour (or approximately 25 million gallons per day). It is the largest drinking water facility in the world to treat micropollutants with UV light.

PWN is leading the way in the application of Trojan's UV technology to meet the strict European Union standards limiting the concentration of pesticides in drinking water. Under the European Union’s Water Framework Directive, the concentration of any one pesticide may not exceed 0.1 parts per billion (ppb). Additionally, the total concentration of pesticides in drinking water may not exceed 0.5 ppb. In contrast to other treatment technologies that can be used to treat such micropollutants, UV is simple to operate and does not produce harmful by-products such as bromate. UV has emerged as a very cost-effective solution for treating micropollutants and microorganisms in water.

Like many water supplies throughout the world, Ijssel Lake, the lake from which PWN draws its water, has been impacted by industrial and agricultural activity. The threat of contamination from pesticides and herbicides, such as bentazone and atrazine, is ever-present. While the treated lake water currently meets drinking water standards, the Trojan UV system will proactively ensure that all future drinking water standards are met. The project will utilize UV in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide to produce hydroxyl radicals. The hydroxyl radical is one of the most powerful oxidizing species known, and reacts quickly with organic constituents in the water. PWN utilizes UV as a contaminant-treatment technology as well as a safe, chemical-free disinfection tool.

The Trojan Solution

The simultaneous treatment of micropollutants and microorganisms will be performed using the TrojanUVSwift™ ECT. In fulfilling a joint-research effort by Trojan Technologies and PWN, the treatment of micropollutants with UV light and hydrogen peroxide has been further optimized. The full scale system has been operational since 2004.

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