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The Variety Kinds of Fote Briquette Machine


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To make our life more convenient and efficient, Fote Machinery produces many machines to meet the satisfactory of people. For example, Fote briquette machine which is widely used in coal, chemical. And there are many kinds of briquette machine, such as coal ball press machine, coal briquette press machine, dry powder ball pressing machine; ore powder ball press machine, hydraulic press machine, high pressure ball machine, strong pressure machine and desulfurization gypsum pressure machine.

Biomass energy means solar energy that kept in the biomass matter directly or indirectly in the photosynthesis of plants, the coal and petroleum and gas are traditional fuels, coal has been the main fuel in the old days, and it still possesses a big part in the fuel market, compared with other fuels, it has the advantages of easier to process, high heat value and mature technology and products which fit to use in different fields.

Our dry powder ball briquette press machine is used for coal powder, coal, coke powder, coking coal, charcoal and desulfurization gypsum powder, iron powder, metallurgical powder, non-ferrous metal powder, copper powder, ore fines, briquette industries with the advantages of reducing bug dust, controlling volume, recycling...

High efficient ore powder ball press machine is an equipment which can press variety of coal powder, coal dust, coal slime, coking coal, coke powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, iron scurf, iron oxide skin, active carbon, slag, gypsum, limestone, plastic, kaolin and tailings into ball.

The hydraulic press is the oil extraction equipment which uses liquid as the pressure transmission medium in accordance with the hydrostatic pressure transfer theory, to squeeze the grease out of oilseeds. It is a closed loop system composed of two parts: the hydraulic system and oil press body. It is mainly composed of pump stations, control valves, motors, electrical cabinets, cylinders, drums, rack components.

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