2degrees Ltd.

2degrees Ltd.

2degrees is the collaboration service for sustainable business. At its heart is an actively managed, online collaboration platform focused on helping organizations accelerate the implementation of their sustainability strategies by providing services such as online event management, supply chain engagement, partner recruitment and ecosystem development, needs to solutions matching and knowledge transfer.

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228-240 Banbury Road , Oxford , OX2 7BY United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Internationally (various countries)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Driving growth, efficiency and profit through sustainability
2degrees is the world's leading business community for driving growth, efficiency and profit through sustainability. More than just a technology platform, news site or network, 2degrees is a managed service for businesses and professionals: the most knowledgeable and active sustainable business community anywhere.

Like you, 2degrees members are busy. So we help them by making it quick and easy for them to work together to share experience, find practical solutions and address their sustainable business challenges.

2degrees members can:

  • Use our tools and services to cut risk and cost, driving growth and profitability.
  • Connect with other business professionals and organizations to share knowledge and experience.
  • Find cutting-edge practical solutions, and discuss them with their peers.
  • Get up-to-the-minute news, analysis and carefully selected information.
  • Collaborate with each other to solve problems.

We also:

  • Manage major supply chain engagement projects with global brands such as Tesco and Asda-Walmart, helping them cut cost, risk and waste.
  • Provide a range of sponsorship and market engagement services for solution providers such as IBM and Philips, who want to demonstrate their solutions experience to our members.


We believe that the world economy is changing very rapidly. Like the CEOs of companies such as Walmart, Nike, Tesco, P&G and Unilever, we believe that to survive and grow, businesses must start to operate sustainably.

In this changing world, sustainability is increasingly a source of competitive advantage, driving growth, efficiency and profitability. Within years there will be no need to talk about 'sustainable business'. All businesses will be sustainable, or not in business at all.

Sustainable business is no longer the sole preserve of sustainability professionals. Business people across all disciplines are recognizing the opportunities presented by sustainable thinking. Because of this, we provide services to both sustainability specialists and other business professionals.

We believe that the answers to our sustainability challenges are out there, somewhere. What is needed is the ability to connect up organizations, people, ideas, experiences and solutions, and the desire to change. Social media technologies can help do this on a massive scale - and managed communities like 2degees will accelerate the change.

Marketplace is our brand new business directory. It is fully integrated into the Community, and built exclusively to help members find and select the right suppliers and services to help reach their sustainable business goals. Marketplace is unique because it enables members to discover and shortlist the most relevant suppliers at the point they are doing their research, to connect and test their knowledge, and to see what others have said about their work.

Of course, it also provides suppliers with a platform to position their business and demonstrate their expertise in front of the world’s most influential sustainable business professionals.