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  • 3LOG - Version WeighWiz - Most Advanced Weigh Scale Applications

    3LOG - Version WeighWiz - Most Advanced Weigh Scale Applications

    WeighWiz is one of the most advanced weigh scale applications available in the market today.  WeighWiz can operate in attended mode or unattended mode for peak times when there is no Weigh Master available. It records information entered by the truck driver or your company weigh master and captures readings from the weigh scale  equipment. WeighWiz can operate on a single scale platform functioning as both the weigh-in and...

  • 3LOG - Version LabWiz - Data-capture Software

    3LOG - Version LabWiz - Data-capture Software

    LabWiz is designed to reduce user training time and, at the same time, ensure a high-level of data integrity. The Microsoft® Windows®-based program has a user-friendly graphic interface. Sample information, weight readings, and chip classifiers can be imported rather than manually entered. Since data is electronically captured, keyboard error is therefore minimized. The data validation logics built-in the program will point out any errors so...

  • 3LOG - LIMS Mobile Software

    3LOG - LIMS Mobile Software

    Technology is constantly changing and it is impacting many industries with the wood products industry included.  Most recently with the advancements in mobile technology companies can communicate in new and faster ways. Technology such as smartphones keep companies constantly connected, raising networking to another level. Companies have immediate access to their information, increasing the frequency and speed of communication, making...