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WeighWiz is one of the most advanced weigh scale applications available in the market today.  WeighWiz can operate in attended mode or unattended mode for peak times when there is no Weigh Master available. It records information entered by the truck driver or your company weigh master and captures readings from the weigh scale  equipment. WeighWiz can operate on a single scale platform functioning as both the weigh-in and weigh-out scale. It can also control dedicated weigh-in and weigh-out scales.

The  software creates a completed TM9 ticket, which is used by the Log Inventory & Management System (LIMS), to pay the respective contractors, record inventory, report stumpage due, and manage resources. As the system captures data, it translates it into an easy-to-understand formatted display in a user-friendly graphical interface.

WeighWiz monitors each loads weight by comparing it to the legal weight for the given truck configuration, season, and route. It can grant exceptions such as additional permitted weight due to inter-axle configuration. The Truck Weigh Analyzer, a component of WeighWiz, captures real-time readings from the weigh scale. These readings are recorded accurately no matter how fast a truck drives on or off the scale. It is able to detect when the truck’s full weight is on the scale and ignore errors caused by the driver “rocking” or “holding back”.

If WeighWiz is linked to LIMS, the data can be synchronized back to the central LIMS database from each WeighWiz module via modem or network connection. The vivid user interface of WeighWiz clearly displays the weight-on-scale, load source identification, and the yard location at which the load was dropped. With the on-screen display of approval area, block, setup number and product type, the weigh master or truck driver can ensure all load information is correct before the truck exits the yard.

WeighWiz is flexible, user-friendly and fully configurable

The system has a Windows®-based environment and is completely compatible with most host systems. 3LOG Systems is able to configure its software to meet the client’s individual needs. The user interface is designed for quick access and display of important information. The big buttons and labels perform the best when used with a touch screen system.flexible, user-friendly and fully configur

WeighWiz is Certified by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP)

The Certificate of Conformity for Weighing and Measuring Devices is an initiative of the National Conference on Weights and Measures.  NTEP certification indicates a device has met applicable requirements for commercial weighing and measuring equipment in the U.S. and Canada.  NTEP Certification lets the suppliers, drivers and recipients all know that 3LOG software can communicate accurately and effectively with the NTEP certified scales.  Inexact or even fraudulent deliveries are a nonfactor with the scales, software, scanners and printers synced so closely.  All weighscale software should be NTEP certified and can you can find certified providers online at:www.ncwm.net/ntep/cert_search

WeighWiz will reduce your operating costs by improving productivity

WeighWiz accommodates multiple data collection sites. The data collection system is configurable at each site. Users can transmit data from multiple sites to a central database automatically or on demand. WeighWiz can operate as a stand-alone system in conjunction with existing infrastructure or hand-in-hand with 3LOG’s LIMS software.

Captures the true weight of the load

As an important part of any self-managed overweight detection program, the Truck Weigh Analyzer component of WeighWiz helps you to ensure that trucks cannot bypass the legal fines, penalties, suspensions or reporting required for an overweight load.

Helps with efficient inventory tracking

Manned, Attendant or Un-Manned modes provide the choices to best balance the control of automation when synchronizing data to and from LIMS, even at a remote site. The system’s user interface clearly displays the weight-on-scale, load source identification, and the yard location at which the load was dropped.

Improves processing speed through scales

The system operates either with or without a weigh master as set by the weigh station administrator.

Improves security

WeighWiz meets the expectations of proper auditing procedures and reporting. Multi-level password security ensures that only authorized users have access to central weigh station data. WeighWiz closely controls, validates and monitors driver input while the truck is on the scale.

Cameras, lights and gates can also be controlled by WeighWiz to ensure further security.  Pictures and videos can be saved with the individual loads for future reference.

Provides lifetime customer support services

Our service technicians can be relied upon to provide you with prompt, reliable and friendly support. You can be rest assured that you will receive exceptional technical support from 3LOG Systems whenever you needed it. We provide our clients with a complete user manual, 24/7 e-mail, telephone, and fax support.


WeighWiz is highly configurable, and the following screenshots are very much only single examples of all the multiple ways you can configure it to work.

  • Allows quick truck information entry
  • Calculates and processes overweight
  • Issues driver and/or truck suspensions for overweight, safety, and other violates at the scale as trucks weigh-in
  • Processes tachometer information
  • Performs axle sampling
  • Prints Log and Chip sample labels
  • Prints yard pass at weigh-in and weight certificate at weigh-out
  • Includes easy system administration setup options
  • Automatically records up to two scale weights
  • Associates each load with its destination, ticket number, in/out date and time, in/out weight, truck identification and configuration, and other user-defined fields
  • Associates up to 12 contractors with a load
  • Information entry options include: Key Board, Barcode/Trip Ticket, Touch Screen, Smart Card, Voice, Handheld
  • Utilizes user definable auto-tare and weigh-out schedule
  • Allows editing of transactions, except weight data, after load entry
  • Transmits data via modem, LAN or Internet
  • Allows user defined, unattended, timed master table download and upload to and from remote sites
  • Includes full audit control
  • NTEP Certified

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