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  • Silo Systems

  • Aagaard - Model Type AST - Steel Silo

    Aagaard - Model Type AST - Steel Silo

    Aagaard A/S supply complete modularly constructed silo systems for the storage of wooden chips, sawdust, dust, granules etc. The silos can be supplied with pointed the flat roof for filter system. The silo can be fitted with an outfeeder with or without screw conveyor to e.g. a wood waste burning system, a briquette press or a container etc. All silos have been approved by various authorities. The silos are supplied disassembled and...

  • Aagaard - Model Type ACU - Out Feeder

    Aagaard - Model Type ACU - Out Feeder

    Aagaard’s silo outfeeder is intended for outfeeding of wooden dust and chips from silo systems in the woodworking industry. The outfeeder is either installed in the silo or constructed as a bearing construction built into a support. From the silo with outfeeder the chips can be conveyed to a wood waste burning system or emptied into a container, van etc. The silo outfeeder can also be built into silos with internal hidden bottoms or onto a...

  • Aagaard - Double Chain Conveyors

    Aagaard - Double Chain Conveyors

    Our double chain conveyor is the preferred solution when the transfer system demands reliability, low noise and low power consumption. Its robust, modular design affords you a pressure-less transport of materials, and therefore no dust leaks, over long and short distances and any elevation at a fraction of the energy costs of a pneumatic conveying system and without bothering your neighbours.