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  • Model CME-45 - Truck Mounted

    Model CME-45 - Truck Mounted

    Ideal for smaller diameter well installation. Tower down auger probes for pavement design, low clearance drilling, and sampling.

  • Model CME-55 - Track Mounted

    Model CME-55 - Track Mounted

    A midsized drill rig, outfitted for auger, mud rotary, and continuous sampling. Ideally suited for typical geotechnical and environmental drilling applications in a location with adverse terrain.

  • Model CME-75 - Track Mounted

    Model CME-75 - Track Mounted

    This 22 tonne monster mounted on a Nodwell 110 is appropriately nicknamed the “Canyonero”. This rig features wireline, an auto hammer, a 250 gallon watertank, and rotary and auger drilling capabilities.

  • Model ZMC A5 - Heli-Portable

    Model ZMC A5 - Heli-Portable

    The model A5 is a high performance diamond drill, designed to be broken down quickly and easily for heli-moves.